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astralum commercial aerospace
  • Commercial air travel was severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, with health concerns discouraging leisure passengers and remote-working adoption driving an uncertain future for business travelers​

  • Air carriers have been able to manage liquidity, delay new aircraft deliveries, defer maintenance, and accelerate retirements across their fleets​

  • Global travel is recovering, but the pace will be impacted by behavioral and economic changes arising from the pandemic

  • As investment re-starts in this sector, Astralum has helped sponsors think through the emerging post-pandemic structure and its implication on the OE supply chain, MRO, and aviation services markets

astralum defense
  • Amid a potentially flattening budgetary outlook, the U.S. and its allies appear positioned to continue to invest in defense to build capabilities to confront near-peer competitors

  • Following the past years of rising defense budgets, which provided consistent macro support and growth, the next 5 years will see programmatic winners and losers​

  • The emerging budgetary and mission outlook requires a detailed understanding of strategy, programs, budgets, and contract terms and types​

  • The team at Astralum brings decades of experience, having advised on hundreds of transactions across the air, naval, ground, and cyber domains in the U.S. and across the globe

astralum government services
  • Intelligence and Federal IT services transactions have increased significantly as buyers seek add-ons to scale up

  • Amid a constrained budget environment, government agencies will accelerate investment in mission-critical capabilities such as AI and cyber, given their importance to winning on the battlefield of the future

  • The team at Astralum has completed over 150 government services transactions involving companies across the U.S. and the UK, examining market segments ranging from Enterprise IT services for the CDC to CNO support to the Intelligence Community

astralum business aviation
  • Business aviation has been more resilient than commercial aviation since the start of the pandemic, attracting new users and benefiting from the increase in leisure-based domestic private travel

  • Concerns around business travel behavior mitigate some of the gains by new users, as some executives are likely to continue with ‘remote meetings’ after the pandemic​

  • Astralum helps clients assess business aviation company dynamics in the context of prevailing market trends​

  • Our team has supported aircraft OEMs and suppliers, FBO operators, charter and jetcard firms, maintenance providers, and software developers

astralum energy
  • As global environmental concerns accelerate, electric power markets are often driven more by local and national energy policy decisions than power-source economics​

  • Advancements in battery storage technology and SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) will also likely shape the long-term carbon-neutral power-mix

  • Opportunities for advanced industrial gas turbines are likely to continue in a co-generation role (subsidizing intermittent renewables) and within emerging market economies with access to LNG

  • Our team has supported multiple energy transactions that rely on government policy with a focus on nuclear power and industrial gas turbines​

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